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Starting putting my Kitchen back together back after the floor. The guy was from Bill Howe was awesome. Bill Howe has been very helpful and accommodating through this process.

Randy Tindell

Dashawn Elliott replaced a toilet for us today. He was very professional and is a credit to your organization. Please thank him for his friendly job well done.

Andrew Mill

Corey was awesome as a person, professional and knowledgeable about plumbing, and outstanding in his service delivery. The job he performed for us, replacing a broken water heater, was conducted effectively, efficiently and quickly. Most concise and fair price among three vendors. Corey went above and beyond in completing the job to the very end, including cleaning and replacing doors.

Mark Mauerman

Ron was simply amazing. He empathized with my leak in a bathroom tub faucet. He was really professional, quick, knowledgeable, and was compassionate that, as a new homeowner, I didn’t know where the water heater was. I feel like with the advice and knowledge that he gave to me, I made out ahead with what the cost was. I would love to request him specifically for any other issues I may have in the future for plumbing.

John Diaz

Bill Howe never fails us! We had a drain overflow, and Scott came (on a Saturday) to look at it and offer solution. He was punctual, professional, and extremely helpful. I should also praise the main office for always being helpful and always finding solutions. Very grateful to have you in San Diego!


Nearing the final stages of repairs caused by our hot water piping leak in the kitchen. Custom cabinets being rebuilt and installed by Bill Howe techs Marco & Enrique. This was a two day process and both Marco & Enrique did a fantastic job rebuilding and installing the custom cabinet shells, existing doors and molding. They did an excellent job matching the new finish with the existing finish. They work as an excellent team. Well done by them both. Bill Howe’s team is impressive and are the best.

Edward Y.

Had a hot water piping leak in the wall of the kitchen. Caused water damage where drywall and cabinets had to be removed, area dried out and then repair work accomplished. Jimmy was the lead technician for this part of the job. Jimmy was outstanding, he called 30 minutes prior to arrival so we could make sure our two golden retrievers were gated in another area of the house. Fantastic work accomplished by Jimmy and his team. Bill Howe restoration will always be my choice. Well done.

Edward Y.

We had Bill Howe’s team come to our home after a leaking pipe in our wall caused significant damage to our family room and part of the outside of our house. They fixed the leak and provided restoration services. The whole team who worked on our house was extremely professional. Gerardo did a great job with the painting and trim work. Communication between BillHowe and our insurance company went smoothly and helped facilitate the work being done in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend their services!

Christopher Happ

All I can say, is I’m very impressed.
During the Labor Day holiday weekend, we had a kitchen flood that not only damaged the kitchen, but also leaked through two walls, and was even pouring to the out side of the home. This is our rental home, so by the time our tenants calls us when they discovered the leak and we responded to see what how big the leak was and if we could stop it, and slow down the damage.

We called a couple of plumbing service first because we had a home warrantee company, but it was clear when the first plumber arrived that he was not going to be able to handle this call. Bill Howe was recommended to us, and we were told, these guys are expensive, but they are good!
This was truly an underestimation, I was skeptical, but when we saw our investment home getting soggy, we made the call. I’ve already written a review about the Plumber that we got with Bill Howe, He was excellent! See my prior review about Mike from Bill Howe, but once the water is stopped, and the piped are closed off, what do you do about all the soggy carpet, floors, walls, and cabinets… Well in he humidity of Summer in San Diego, just opening the windows and letting the sun dry it up is not a practical option, its not going to work. Once the plumber was done, a remediation team came, and essentially there job is to find all the areas that are wet, and cut out what can not be dried out, like drywall, that particle board inside kitchen cabinets…that’s right, they may look fancy on the outside, but chances are that the box portions are just pressed wood that will absorb water like a spong, and then forever be deformed.

Francisco, and Juan was our remediation and demo team, and these guys were extremely professional, guiding us through the trenches that were once our walls.

There was a lot of work to be done over several days, both the guys were always on time, kept the area isolated and safe for our tenants, and kept us informed of all the work they needed to perform. As I said in the beginning of this review, I was impressed, they knew all the detail of what is the kitchen walls, what tools they needed, and had all the equipment setup to dry up our kitchen, and they even had special device that allowed them to force dry hot air into our wood flooring, so they dry the flooring with out having to pull any portions of it up. I don’t know how much that saved us, because we expected the floors to be saturated, and need to be replaced. Both Francisco worked diligently to get our kitchen dried up and ready for repairs, always keeping out tenant’s safety a top concern, while helping me move appliances so they could still have use of things like the refrigerator, microwave oven and smaller appliances. I know it was tough for our tenants living there, but we made it as usable as possible, while keeping the area safe for kids and a dog. This was pretty large job, and we are very happy that the these guys were our remediation team, and I hope Bill Howe gets these guys a raise, profit sharing or whatever they need, because this is my go to company for anything water related!

Thanks to Francisco and Juan, you guys really do great work, and I appreciate it!!

Steven Stirt

Had two drains in the house backing up. Technician Josh came to our house the same day & cleared both. He was fast, & gave us tips on how to keep our drains clean. Great service by Josh. We are very happy with his work.

Daniel Adams
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